Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration Treatment

Hair Restoration

hair restoration treatment in hyderabad

With increasing age there is one issue that is faced by both the genders in large numbers. This issue is none other than the issue of thinning hair in women and baldness in men. Loss of hair makes one look older than his or her age and also threatens self-confidence. In such cases, hair restoration can do wonders and give you the desired look with thick and bouncy hair.

Hair restoration can include surgical or nonsurgical techniques. Surgical hair restoration includes hair transplantation processes which are most recommended techniques in surgical hair restoration. Whereas, non-surgical hair restoration processes can include medications and hair-
gain remedial treatments.

Understanding surgical hair restoration procedures and methods:

In a hair transplantation surgery you are your own donor. The hairs for transplantation are taken from the areas where there are some hairs left, especially from the side or the back of the scalp.

Benefits of Hair Restoration

Hair restoration surgeries can significantly enhance the appearance of a person and escalate the sense of well-being. The benefits are long lasting and the surgery hardly comes with any side-effects. However, hair restoration surgery must be opted after proper consultation with an experienced doctor. It should also be the last option, only after all the other attempts to get the hair restored had failed.

Best candidate for hair restoration surgery:

  • There are many men who keep losing their hair with increasing age due to a condition known as the male pattern baldness. If hair loss continues for more than four to five years or become intense, Hair restoration can be a good option.
  • Men who have tried medications to stop hair loss or have thin hair can opt for a hair restoration surgery. However, some men may have to continue these medications even after the surgery.
  • Men who have been bald for many years and if their baldness has stabilized can opt for hair restoration surgery.
  • People from both genders who have lost hair due to some kind of accidents like burn or trauma.

Authored By Dr. Sajjan R Agarwal

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