Chevva Mounika

Treatment Taken - Chemical peels

I had scar on face visited Dr. Agarwal at Rama skin clinic, and took treatment. Took medication, underwent Chemical peels and Cosmolon Treatment.  The marks come down, big scar lightened.  lot of change in my face  it is brightened, soften  I am feeling much better now.    I am happy with the treatment. Thanks to Doctor Agarwal, and staff here are co-operative.

Abdul Aleem Saad

I  had skin rashes since 2 months.  My parents told me to meet Dr. Agarwal at Rama Skin Clinic, Basheerbagh. 10 days back I have consulted Dr. Agarwal.  My problem 90% solved.  Today came for review.  I am very much satisfied with his treatment.  Staff also is very nice towards patients.  Thanks for the doctor treatment.  I recommend this Doctor, clinic to my close relatives and friends.

Raviender Goud Ravi

Treatment Taken - Acne and Hair Fall

My wife had acne and hair fall problem white patches on skin since one year. 8 months back searched in online and consulted the Dr. Agarwal at Rama Skin clinic, Basheerbagh.  He throughly examined and given medication. My wife used it and now the problems has come down, -hair fall was controlled.  acne, pimples come down and taking chemical peels.  It is better now.  Thanks for the doctor treatment.  Staff here are nice and co-operative.  we recommend this doctor-clinic.

Dheeraj C P

Treatment Taken - Dermatitis

I had chronic dermatitis on hands since one year above.  consulted various skin specialists, but it was not cured.  Recently consulted Dr. Agarwal at Rama Skin clinic, Basheerbagh, he diagnosed my problem well and given medication. Now I am feeling much better, I need to continue medication some more time.  Medicines also available here only without any problem.  I am happy with the treatment.  Staff is also nice towards patients.

K Nagabhushanam

Treatment Taken - Skin Care

I  am having skin problem  since one month.  Consulted doctor but not  cured.  Recently  consulted  Dr. Agarwal  at Rama  skin clinic basheerbagh. Doctor  diagnosed my problem  and given medicine.  I am really  happy that doctor  has given me proper medication.   Now I am free from  my skin problem.   I appreciate  Dr. Agarwal  for his  diagnosis and  Medication.   I thank  dr. Agarwal. Staff is also  very nice  towards  me and other  patients.   Happily  I recommend  Dr. Agarwal to my near  and dear for their skin and hair problems if any.... Thanks to Dr. Agarwal  again for giving discount  on medicine.

Deepak Sharma

Treatment Taken - Acne

My daughter had acne problem since 2 years. Recently consulted Dr. Agarwal at Rama skin clinic. Doctor given medicines and my daughter acne pimples problem came down. She is feeling much better now.  Doctor also suggested few procedures, we will continue the treatment.  I have complete hope thst my daughter problem completely cured... Soon.


Treatment Taken - Skin Care

My skin issue was accurately diagnosed by Dr. Agarwal Ji and started the prescribed treatment since May 2019. There is a significant improvement in my condition. I will absolutely recommend a visit to Rama Skin clinic for correct assessment and right treatment.

Bhanu Chander Reddy

Treatment Taken - Skin Care

Dr. Agarwal is the one of the senior most skin specialist in twin cities. I have shown my sister other relatives and referred many friends who is having skin and hair problems. All whom I referred are happy with the doctor treatment. I will continue referring patients to this clinic who have skin or hair problems. You can undoubtedly visit this doctor. Thanks to the doctor for his diagnosis and proper treatment. I recommend this Doctor, clinic to my close relatives and friends.

Parveena Khan, HR Executive

Treatment Taken - Hair Loss

Thanks for doing a great job. You have restored my self-confidence. As a woman, it can be traumatic to lose hair and in my case it has been devastating. You have done a great job by handling it with compassion, and helping me regain not only my hair, but also my confidence.

Lateef Khan, Businessman

Treatment Taken - Hair Loss

You guys are just great. I’ve had hair issues for 2 years now and the day I tried you out was the best ever decision taken by me. 7 months later – I’m so happy, my hair loss has stopped and I have managed to regrow more hair which has restored my confidence

Peter John, PR Manager

Treatment Taken - Hair Loss

I was skeptical at first as to whether the laser treatments would really initiate new hair growth. Well, I must tell that they have worked far better than I can ever think of. My area of Hair Loss is showing new hair growth that looks only to get thicker with time. I am well satisfied with what the surgeons have done and once again Thanks!

Arpita, Housewife

Treatment Taken - Acne

I was suffering from acute Acne. It was causing me lots of pain and so I decided to try out a treatment to get rid of the problem. Someone had told me about Rama Skin Clinic and how well they get the job done there. I opted for Chemical Peels, and must say that the whole treatment process was great. It was a fabulous feeling after my first peel, and then it kept getting better and better. There were visible changes on my face after a few days and my friends complementing me on how wonderful my skin looked! Rama Skin Clinic is thorough, friendly and extremely knowledgeable!

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